Trafficking is Happening Here

The global problem of trafficking is not restricted to slums or foreign countries. On any given night, thousands of women and children are being offered for sale on the streets and online between Seattle and Everett.

Each person caught up in this evil machine is in need of a unique form of rescue. From prevention and outreach to rescue and aftercare, a network of people and organizations willing to care is what it will take to fight the problem.

Integrated Community Transformation

As a One Collective community, we engage in Integrated Community Transformation, seeking to ensure that none of these victims are invisible in our community and that all have access to food, freedom, and forgiveness. 

We focus on vulnerable populations in the North Puget Sound:

  •  Victims of trafficking
  •  Vulnerable people at risk of trafficking
  •  Kids aging out of Foster Care
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Building Partnerships to Serve the Most Vulnerable


We invite churches and their members to become educated about trafficking and vulnerable people groups in their communities. We engage leaders and lay people in prayer walks, service projects, education, and immersive trips.


We target businesses to take ownership over the state of vulnerable people in their communities. We offer certifications and partnerships through existing non-profits and provide education for awareness of trafficking.


We connect to local governments, schools, and community groups to educate for trafficking awareness and engage in service opportunities.


We partner with non-profits serving trafficking victims and providing relevant resources for those at risk of trafficking for the purpose of furthering their work and connecting them to those in need of their services.