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What are the Motivational Gifts?

The New Testament refers to gifts given to all believers as a tool for building up the Body of Christ. The gifts are presented in varying lists, with similar affirmations of the access of gifts to all believers, and the expectation that they be employed to serve the Church.

The Motivational Gifts are taken from the list presented in Romans, Chapter 12. This list is presented to show the diversity of the expression of God’s gifting to all believers. We have chosen this list as a representation of the ‘motivations’ or hard-wired personality placed in believers to serve as an expression of the character of God.

Taking the Test

As you take the test, you will be provided with questions that ask you to choose how strongly you agree or disagree with the statement. Attempt to avoid answering questions as neutral and don’t be afraid to choose extreme answers. Do not attempt to answer these questions “correctly” or try to choose a more moral position. Simply allow your gut responses to be honest. This will provide the clearest results.

Once you complete the test, you will be emailed your results and be directed to more information about the gifts. This test is designed to be taken in coordination with further teaching, so don’t worry if the results don’t make a lot of sense at first.

Reach Church Ministry Team

Notes and slides have been made available for download during or after the presentation.



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