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Definitions of Gifts

The Perceiver – The Perceiver is one who is acutely aware of spiritual things. People with this gift generally see things black and white and no gray. They perceive, declare, and promote the will of God.

The Server – People with the gift of serving like to meet practical needs. They support the body in a variety of ways with their skills and like to feel useful.

The Teacher – People with the gift of teaching have the ability to clearly explain and apply complex principles in a way that enables others to learn. This is usually applied to Biblical truths in the body.

The Exhorter – People with the gift of exhortation like to encourage and challenge. They have the ability to motivate God’s people to apply truth and move into action.

The Giver – People with the gift of giving have the ability to generously contribute money and/or material resources. They have the ability to manage resources wisely so they may be maximized in and beyond the church.

The Ruler – Those who are Rulers have the ability to organize and manage people, resources, and time for greater impact. They help to maximize the impact of initiatives and movements in the body.

Mercy – People with the gift of mercy have the ability to manifest practical, compassionate, cheerful love toward the suffering or those in need. They provide care and protection within the body.