We work for a non profit called, One Collective that focuses on mobilizing resources within a community toward the most vulnerable. One Collective is a global organization that works in communities around the world and is passionate about making sure no one is invisible and everyone has access to food, freedom, and forgiveness. Together, we believe, following Jesus— we bring people together to help the oppressed in order that lives and communities can be transformed.

It has been our passion for years to advocate for the most vulnerable. We’ve done this through, serving among poor communities, caring for foster children, working with single mothers in transitional homes, and working with trafficked women overseas. 

We are currently bringing this passion and experience to women and children impacted by trafficking in the North Puget Sound area. We believe we can see a difference in this community by helping to bridge the gap between the most vulnerable and the communities of care they desperately need. 

We believe that creating a network of normal families, churches, local organizations and businesses focused on awareness, prevention, outreach and care can help change lives and impact a culture that pushes these victims into the shadows. We believe each of these people created in the image of God are deserving of freedom, Good News, and having their basic needs met in love.

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