Hi! We’re the Bothels.

We work for One Collective—an international organization with 54 intentional communities around the world and a focus on serving the most vulnerable through community transformation strategies to ensure that everyone has access to food, freedom and forgiveness.

In our work with One Collective, we will be serving the vulnerable women and children at risk for sex trafficking in the North Puget Sound region. On any given night, thousands of women and girls are being bought and sold on the streets and online between Seattle and Everett. And the problem has been growing.

Our vision is that all people impacted by trafficking in our communities would have their material needs met, that they would not be trapped by unjust circumstances, and that they would know the love of God. We believe we can do this by creating communities of care—small pockets of normal people, businesses, non-profits, and churches, focused on caring for those impacted by trafficking in the North Puget Sound area.

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